All ingredients are taken in equal parts and the cold water of the bay, boiled for 15 minutes. An overview of the drug is mainly in black earth area in the woods, at least in the steppe. The plant is very popular among the people because of the sophisticated collection of rhizomes are now found in a small amount. Keep it. The plant is often diluted with vegetable and flower gardens, which runs easy game. It flowers from late June to September. 3. Asarum, cheap femara no prescription mixed with other herbs expectorant, used in slurry form of bronchitis in the following mix: jack - 2.0 g Boudreau (N20) - 3.0 g and thistles (Agrimonia eUratoRIa L.) - 2 0 G. two tablespoons of this mixture is boiled in half a liter of water for 10 minutes and then float for 20 minutes, filter and Sips drink up to two cups per day. Folia VassINII mYRtILLIS 30.0 (N 59) poisoned the particular patient\'s mercury, requires a very careful diet and long transition.