treating stomach ulcers in the stomach and the duodenum alcoholic solution of propolis prepared by the rate of 100 g of alcohol (70%), which contains 40 g of dried propolis. After the solution for infusion (a minimum of 3 days), need to pass through a thick layer of gauze, and then added to alcohol so that the solution was found to be -s 2-4% of propolis. These agents are used in combination with water or milk drops to buy finasteride online 20 for 1.5 hours to 1.5 hours after the meal three times a day. The same alcohol solution of propolis is a very effective painkiller. such terrible diseases tsinga.A the best way, because - Finally, its use is for the treatment of inflammatory foci good results in the treatment of purulent inflammation of the middle ear, some gynecological zabolevaniy.Moryaki long sea expeditions observed committing eating a lemon meat diet - avoid the real cause of these problems.