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Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour Guide 2011-2012

Tour Guide Last Updated: June 27th 2011’s Tour Guide lists all currently confrimed tour dates and locations. Our Interactive Tour Map also serves as a visual aid, showing worldwide tour locations and related information.

RHCP Tour List
Click each tour date for tickets and general information.

2011 Tour Dates
 August 9th – China, Hong Kong, AsiaWorld Arena
 August 13th-14th – Japan, Osaka and Tokyo, Summer Sonic Festival
 September 11th – Colombia, Bogota Hippodrome de los Andes
 September 12th – Costa Rica, San Jose, Estadio Nacional De Costa Rica
 September 14th – Peru, Lima, Estadio Nacional
 September 16th – Chile, Santiago, Estadio Monumental
 September 18th – Argentina, Buenos Aires, River Plate Stadium
 September 21st – Brazil, Sao Paulo, Anhembi
 September 24th – Brazil Rio De Janeiro, Rock In Rio Festival
 October 7th – Germany, Cologne, Lanxess Arena
 October 9th – Germany, Hamburg, O2 World
 October 11th – Sweden, Stockholm, Ericsson Globe Arena
 October 12th – Sweden, Stockholm, Ericsson Globe Arena
 October 14th – Denmark, Herning, Boxen Arena
 October 16th – Holland, Rotterdam, Ahoy
 October 18th – France Paris, Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
 October 19th – France Paris, Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
 October 21st – Germany, Frankfurt, Festhalle
 December 4th – Germany, Berlin, O2 World
 December 5th – Germany, Munich, Olympiahalle
 December 7th – Austria, Vienna, Stadthalle
 December 10th – Italy, Torino, Palaolimpico
 December 11th – Italy, Milan, Forum
 December 13th – Switzerland, Zurich, Hallenstadion
 December 15th – Spain, Barcelona, Palau Sant Jordi
 December 17th – Spain, Madrid, Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad
 2011 Venezuela – Dates and Venues to be announced

2012 Tour Dates
 2012: United States of America – Dates and Venues to be announced
 2012: Europe – Dates and Venues to be announced
 Australia – Dates and Venues to be announced