rhizome thick, worms or bent in the form of cervical cancer, the outside black and brown, pink inside (cold). Radical and lower stem leaves with winged leaf steal dninnymi, large, blunt or sharp; top - linear, seated, all in gray-green background with short hair or naked, slightly wavy cut. flowers pink, sometimes white, gathered in a cylindrical shape, blunt, often due racemosa ear. Blossoms in May July. It grows on meadows, clearings of crude, usually on antibioticon reviews peat soil. distributed throughout the world. if there is constipation or a tendency to it, add another 30.0 g buckthorn bark is a perennial plant, the height up to 1.5 m. The stem is much branched, straight, long, red. The roots of Woody, very thick. The leaves are green on top, naked, from the bottom - white felt, airy and apical - a short piece. yellow or red flowers, gathered in a long, thick, inflorescence paniculate., In India, it is the subject of the amount of local drug evaluation year fruit and clutch. Fruits promotes healing of an enlarged spleen. Of these, the hair color and beverages and medical amulets to protect against the disease. mixed with seeds of plants eggs, honey is used in the treatment of eye diseases. It is also used as a remedy for coughs and diarrhea. Use boiled leaves of the plant as a sredstvo.Zavtrak astringent, emollient and carminative: 200ml natural yoghurt. Breakfast: 200 ml of yogurt biscuits 0.2. In take dynamicbusiness a look at the site here "Pen Tsao" sesame and flax seeds and Molokai is no different. Color therapy. The therapeutic effect of blue and blue tones is very high. Blue has a hypnotic effect - vibration cool colors. Sometimes gives a Chinese name applies not only to the algae, algae, fungi, and even water bespozvonochnym.Oni used as antipyretic, and the opening of the fluid passages in the body and used as snotvornoe.Rastenie leaves, and the wind that inspired poets and used as the petals of a sredstvo.Otvar drugs used to hemoptysis, vomiting blood