In recent years, it was consistent with the period of the attack in all areas of science and technology revolution. Even if there is to find a solution of the cancer problem, biology, enough optimism to the publication about the future potential of medicine, and. However, experience and intuition, it can not be medically in the treatment of metabolic and immune tells that it will not be resolved soon. Heart disease and blood vessels, asthma, diabetes, number of patients suffering from gastric ulcer and other antabuse buy without prescription diseases, is increasing year by year. But, maybe it\'s there for most of the people who do not do anything for your health? The simple is the time to summarize the results of the experiments lasted property let.Lechebnye chagiOsoznanie of new ideas of about 20. Their interpretation has been repeated in the intentionally this. For this, dear readers, it is possible to offer something completely new in order to break the deadlock, formal, please izvinit.Esli traditional medicine, it is human "miracle" Not the development body

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