This is, smokers were often get bladder cancer than smoking 2-3 times. Also, some authors, it will get in contact with the probability that the presence of an infection of the urinary tract and bladder cancer specimens. An increase in the incidence of bladder cancer in the general public are exposed to ionizing radiation. This increase in risk of reduced tumor development in humans, wherein under the use of vegetable oil as beta-carotene, potassium, protein content of the diet, a large amount generic dutasteride of the manufacture of vitamin C in foods and margarine, wherein the polyunsaturated fatty acids are consumed by, and had a tendency to high incidence of cancer of the bladder, salt. Currently, however, no they do not reveal very specific mutation causes a certain type of tumor development. One of the first signs of bladder cancer, in many cases, blood in the urine. Another common symptom is causes the excretion of urinary tract infection, disorder violation of the outflow of urine.

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