There are reasons that actually increase the risk of malignant diseases. One of the most important factors contributing to the emergence of lung cancer, is the haze of pollution in big cities. Professional risk materials: arsenic, asbestos dust, chromium and nickel. It works in the long term with these materials, often patients with lung cancer in the general population. In case of tumors plays an important role and the development of the airway in the lung. Predispose to lung cancer and chronic inflammation of the bronchi tenormin and lung parenchyma, and scars after undergoing homes childhood tuberculosis fibrosis. - Horsetail: 20 g of dry grass powder per cup of boiling water. Soak for 30 minutes, drain. Drink 1/3 cup 4 times a day after meals, in women during pregnancy and arranged all the systems that arise due to metabolic disorders, leading to a change in bone metabolism, calcium and phosphorus. In pregnant women healthy completely protected from the responses of the body\'s response to adapt to maintain the metabolism of calcium and, periodontal disease gives people the quality, pushing the other to. "I\'m sorry, but I can not stand the smell." So, in response, Miss. It can be very open, but I understand. Especially that I have a keen sense of smell. I consider torture as a person with a bad smell to say in the face. it does not respond to your efforts to avoid steam flow and somewhat smelly infection. he was always with you, even if you try increasing the distance to avoid lantus without prescription unpleasant effects. Periodontal disease is a problem for business communication, can not be a barrier to promotion, career Many people simply prefer to communicate with people who have bad breath -... periodontal disease one of the main obstacles to love and beauty, inner beauty will disappear as soon as the smell of bad breath. patients have a psychological problem, a sense of inferiority and neuverennosti.Vsasyvanie air bubbles in the capillaries of the lung condition in humans is achieved through the work of the heart.

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