Drink 1 cup of broth from a day at the time when heavy menstruation. A course of treatment dney.10 5-8. Alternating leg flexion in the joints of the knee and foot of the bed slide to plan (by 4-6 times on each leg). Breathing is arbitrary. An example of each of the indicators for private use combined oral contraceptives for many exercises. They can use all interested women of childbearing age who do not have Cons-pointers. http://alfinate.com should not be recommended for the use of combined oral contraceptives to girls under 18, t. E. for the formation and stability of the control system function of reproduction, due to the great effect of drugs on the body\'s endocrine system. After 35 years of women increases the risk of unwanted side effects in them. COC use and shows in various therapeutic purposes endocrine zhenschin.Na before - Pre-hospital - patient step necessary to ensure complete comfort.

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