S this purpose during the recovery phase (rekonvales luminescence) reduced the degree of chemical or schazheniya, T-mechanics. E. Power gradually approach to the needs of the body\'s natural (which in the previous chapter). The transition from one to another diet therapy is the best implementation method "tortuous", including new foods 1-2 first time in the week, followed by two days, then every day, when they will be able to the patient to transfer to a different diet (full). If transferred nutrition on a broader buy duloxetine without prescription exacerbate disease, you should have a short time to the more sparing diet back (if it is connected with the worsening of violence, not because of some other) reason. With the collapse of the patient\'s symptoms gradually transfer the meanders are in the new diet. In most chronic diseases treatment regimen all the wax zhizn.Priemy massazhaPcheliny be performed for a long time, as a rule, well received by the skin, and it has negative effects inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic and restoring the microcirculation

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