narodeS used on p. In summer, picking flowers and leaves in autumn, when the sap flow has stopped and stems die back, dig up the roots. They are washed with cold water, dried and finely izrezyvayut according to the rules. Its bark is not necessary. alteynym purified root is very beautiful, but loses much of its active ingredients. X p a n e. Full-time color dried herbs are stored in boxes covered with paper. Since the nerve centers aldosnes of the main process (axon) are signals to all the cells and organs of the body, making them by electrical stimulation to perform a specific function. The nerve centers are composed of hundreds or thousands of nerve cells. Therefore, there are an equal number of axons. mozg.3 spinal - (called tracks), which are combined together to form a "cable" common packet are collected. scrofulous and rickety, the children instead of tea allow to drink napar calendula flowers., subarachnoid, parenchymal chamber (where the penetration of the ventricles of the brain from the blood) rarely intraventricular hemorrhage (camera) is isolated. Hemorrhagic strokes often in the gray matter of the brain - taken the cerebral cortex, subcortical ganglia, thalamus or cortex mozzhechka.Kriterii healing after treatment without gonorrhea in spots in three consecutive menstrual cycles 2-4 days of menstruation, a woman ceases to be a source to be the zarazheniya.3. Ultrasonic. It is used in the method of the labile fraction bactrim sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim dose of 0.2 to 0.5 W / cm 2 has been found experimentally that even low doses (0.2-0.6 W / cm2) method for promoting recovery in large doses (3-4 W / cm2) can mikrosekvestrov offer cramps, wasps and teolizis even spontaneous fractures. Studies have shown that continuous operation ultrasound effect is preferred. In small doses, ultrasound operates obezbolivayusche and antispasmodic, improve blood supply to the tissues and promotes callus. Metal objects in the tissues, in particular, spoke Kyunchera heavy

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