To emphasize the taste, the tea is fermented recommended ceramic or porcelain chaynike.Otvar balm is prepared as follows: 10-15 g of crushed leaves pour 200 ml of hot water and steep in a water bath for 15 minutes. Take 1 tbsp 3 times den.Krome addition, sage is used in folk medicine for the treatment of infertility and reduce the formation of milk in breastfeeding zhenschiny.7. Kolobov FG The Buteyko breathing. M., 2003. Preparation. Rub the grated acyclovir without prescription garlic, chopped lemon. Mix everything with medom.Stenokardiya. The composition of the word "oolong" (European version - "Oolong") means "black dragon". It\'s called the perfection of tea, because it is a unique product. How?Industrial production quality ecological and social always appropriate, stops its aggressive front biosphere. Generation of environmentally friendly energy supply and waste management life organized exclusively without pollution and destruction sredy.Voobsche each germinated seeds a good multivitamin can be tools... rye, oats, wheat, barley, etc., performed. Fixed spinal and kidney marrow cells not readsorbirovan tetanus toxin, so that the serum should be administered as soon as possible. It is given by intramuscular doses of pre-desensitization 100000 150000 IU for adults, older children 20,000-40,000 IU for infants and 80000-100000 IU. These kits offer a high antitoxic titer of the patient\'s blood, so it must be 3 weeks or more, his serum with repeated dosing. Introducing the possibility of anaphylactic shock after injection under medical tretinoin cream without prescription pharmacy supervision for at least 1 hour and patients should be made available. In recent years, the best tetanus toxins immunoglobulin material is considered human. The therapeutic dose is 900 IU (6 ml) and muscle. Clay treatment. To this end, the clay powder (in the form of powders that must be performed on day 4-5 times), ointments (change bandages 2 times a day), paste (change bandages 3-4 times a day). The course of treatment usually lasts 7-10 days.

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