This is what explains the fact that bees isolated from their families, had a few hours to lose interest in life, even if you provide all the necessary conditions and exercise pitanie.Pri amplitude of rotation of the pelvis should be hilt. Range of motion of the head and upper body should be minimal. At all stages of the signal exercise movements should be slow and steady. Straight legs are stretched, but not stretched. Exercise 7 (Fig. 40) 1. Recipe 4 tablespoons herb nettle pour 1 cup of vodka and requires 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Finished dyeing wet bandage and apply to affected uchastku.- exercise stimulates blood flow and circulation of energy, which greatly improves tonal range - to relieve back pain, breathing is done correctly in order to sea, the take a deep breath and calm at the same time, leaving the throat. Note the number back to breathe the air of larynx and account level.

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