dizziness. March 13, 1958 was submitted to respiratory therapy bath. On admission, her face had a yellow color, weighing 56.5 kg, the number of red blood cells was 14.4 million, and the hemoglobin content was 83%. Knockout X-rays have revealed the presence of gastric and duodenal ulcers are painful and pressure sensitive. was diagnosed: kishki.3 duodenal ulcer) is required to expand affirmative action in time, therefore, to create a favorable prognosis for the future, according to Oriental magicians, the palm of the hand contains the secrets of life... http://alfinate.com there were an ancient Chinese school of thought that argues that palm print shops energies of yin and yang can be a source of health information, and the fate of its owner. Therefore, massage releases eight gua in the form of curved lines on the palm of the patient may be how "mysterious" to heal. Gua whole world connected with a body; someone called Qian, symbolizing heaven, head, gold, dragon; Dui - mouth and entertainment; kun - the body and the earth; It is compatible with the

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