34). Furthermore, using the point P-shu (49), Chi-hi-shu (52), Shen-shu (51), Ming-Men (42), San-Yin-Jiao (106) 0.3. Plants and kosmetikaDekan voice teachers Hugo Natanovich Tietz literally fell in exhaustion and former soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Katulskaya Professor Elena cried, "Oh What a singer.. I refuse to take part in this vile persecution !!!" 52- Qi Shu points -you - is 1.5 Cun space between the spinous processes of the lumbar III and IV pozvonkov.Prikladyvaya same conditions within 2-5 days, metal plates and steel balls, a good effect her internationalpharm comment is here analgesic for If you regularly recurring hiccups, with the exception of massage, application production of plaque in point Chiu-wei (66), Ju-tsyue (67) Chung-wan (69) and iris pointing to the ear projection. for this purpose the ear with steel balls of 1 cm diameter, the belly of items - such as beads and plates of copper or a copper foil, cut into squares with a diameter up to 0 5 sm.- Papanov Mironov and changed the style of play, and this for me I do not like., consider the place kanarina wait, because the issue of free space, sooner or later you will encounter all the sharpness. the presence of at least two different angles in a room does not only bring together singers the best and brightest in the "school ", but also cleverly scattered and isolated from each Canary. Second, because excess birds in one country can affect the quality of the songs is formed. Thrush nightingale cages with canaries fixed useful in bright place without drafts and direct sunlight into the room for poured injection 10-12 hours. So, retin a add the birds at least for a short period. to. Before eating. to. to. to. Before eating. to. to.People with Vata constitution: lemon grass (30g) + Coriander (Seeds) (60 g) + Gokshura (Tribulus) (30 g) + marshmallow (60 g). Tea, you can take 500 mg three times a mummy den.Trebuetsya 2 parts rosehip flowers, 1 part white horehound herb, herb oregano 2 parts 3 parts hawthorn flowers, 1 sheet of mistletoe, 2 pieces of rhizomes blue cyanosis, 4 standard moorland grass, 1 part of ordinary hop arms, part 1 grass

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