it is advisable to wash one time, perhaps via a tube. If the victim is conscious and there is no investigation can be washed again drink a few cups of warm water, followed by vomiting (sore throat). Vomiting may mustard powder (1 / 2-1 teaspoon per cup of hot water), salt (2 tablespoons per cup of water), warm water and soap (one glass) or vomiting, including apomorfipa cause subcutaneously (1 ml 0, 5%). With ?? Symptoms and course. Tube large sizes retin a online to achieve, but if at least reduce the distance between these and the wall of the ear canal, ear remains normal. However, enough to the ear of a small amount of water, such as sulfur and suddenly increased drastically reduced hearing, there is a feeling of fullness, sometimes sound in the ear. KS can cause pressure on the eardrum and pain reflex headache, dizziness, cough, vomiting. Chronic suppurative otitis media using parsley juice, remember that this is a more powerful juice.

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