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TWELVE Songs on NEW Red Hot Chili Peppers Album!

Josh Klinghoffer has revealed that the new Red Hot Chili Peppers Album will have 12 tracks! He said they recorded 12 tracks and those 12 tracks will be on the new album!

TWELVE Songs on NEW Red Hot Chili Peppers Album 2011!

This info was sent to on May 22nd via an e-mail from German Rolling Stone Editor, Torsten Gross who met up with Josh in LA a few weeks ago! They talked about the mistakes of Stadium Arcadium, saying it was good, but ultimately padded out with too much filler.

Josh Klinghoffer said…
“We realised that and won’t make this mistake again. We recorded 12 songs and these 12 songs will make it on the record.” Klinghoffer also added proudly: “Be prepared for a great album!”

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