suitable for dry and sensitive skin. To include music and nice and quiet. bath oil, a little milk or essential oils and rear head pad or a bath towel and a refreshing drink cream is needed. For starters, the mixture of walnut oil with essential oil to your taste and mood, to pamper the body after bathing. To take a bath mixing 5-7 drops of essential oils, which you want, with a little cream or milk. Add the mixture of water, it should be a warm 38 degrees Celsius on the edge of the basin, put a small pillow or rolled towel bathroom. Immersed in the beautiful spa aromatic, close your eyes, breathe easy and let your imagination take you far, far away - Imagine under the tropical sun on the white sands of the sea and twenty minutes outside the bathroom with a dry towel and rub the body with movements of pets and abundant hydrocarbons.

January 2nd, 2012

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