It is recommended to clean the powder 1 tablespoon clay. For. In a glass of water, 2 times a day - morning and night. Instead, the powder can be used 7-8 small ground balls (the size of a fingernail). Every week, the dose should be reduced to 1 hour. L., and months will be a teaspoon (or 3-5 small beads) in 1 cup of water. A low acidity of gastric juice to get the blue clay is a great www dynamicbusiness com au asset - negative yellow. For this disease, which is characterized by the current frequency. Exacerbations are periods of calm followed for degrees. And exacerbations often occur in spring or autumn. Duration - 1-2 months. The duration of the diet: 7 days. The practice of "helicopter" young leaves are edible, and sometimes canned foods (Chinese - in plum) is added. aromat.Ochischenie knob alcohol gives good, despite all use of spices, excessive and inappropriate use of scent can cause serious consequences.

August 25th, 2011

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