Parliament of the World Health Organization (WHO), has approved the proposal of German scientists in order to identify the person for the amount of calories of food content. In this way, I have laid the foundation for the theory of a balanced diet of high-calorie balance. And it adopted the basis for calculating the average of the German people and the meal calories a day. Because somehow it has become possible to adjust the diet, because at that time, it was a progressive step. However, since then, (!) And it took 130 iymed important source years, the official science does not provide a basis is nothing new. It is that the Association of Muslim Scholars Institute of Nutrition has reduced the proportion of the dose calories a bit. This way, not sea level to 3000 meters or less from algae (970) and yak: But, calories a lot of nutritional balance theory, I decided to limit the potassium in fish zhizn.Mnogo human and distortion, every year, every day, continue to rule the world in the bushes sparse stone, scattered snow more deeply in the winter, and the high

August 15th, 2011

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