to ignorance, knowledge of human nature. Use products Yin, cool and fresh food, fat and nutrients, incompatible foods, spoiled or undercooked food, immature beans, stale and rotten vegetables and root vegetables, raw fruits and vegetables, and overeating, excessive fluid intake (when the amount of alcohol consumed more twice eaten solid food amount), especially cold drinks, abuse of bitter and sweet taste, the use of cow\'s milk or goats, all products in raw form, but all too often to eat aterioitaja before digest eaten look this site for good price for you can before - that the conditions for the opening of the Constitution of the limo. In Russia, the history of Tibetan medicine began in the seventeenth century, the Trans-Baikal, where he arrived with Buddhism. More than 300 years from generation to generation healers Buryat Lama emchi knowledge, which successfully treated with a variety of diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid and others. Recipe Tibetan herbal medicines, of course, has changed the conditions of the Russian climate and way of life and the

July 1st, 2011

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