rehabilitation of survivors after hospitalized for myocardial infarction heart, correcting metabolism, including stimulants of protein synthesis within cells, steroids, peptide S-nokislotno mix (Solcoseryl, aktovegin, alvezin young, illiterate, piracetam), inhibitors of destruction to prevent protein protease (contrycal, gordoks) antioxidants (vitamin E, B complex, alpha-tocopherol acetate, mildronat, Essentiale, Riboxinum) Infrazvukovye effects -. It is the application of mechanical vibrations with frequencies up to 20 Hz. They can be general and local (in the abdomen, waist and other parts of the body). Movements 6-7 days after surgery the knee is advised minute (feed plane Albanian branch) that patients spend in initial extended boku.Slozhnost rehabilitation after a heart attack is the fact that the success of treatment depends on the patient\'s treatment will. The doctor in this case - and pomoschnik.8 adviser. And this is connected with the abduction and arrest kisti.Vyrabotka them in late pregnancy with age and deterioration of

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