With the help of spectral analysis of mineral wax found more than 30 mikroelementov.V disruption wind affects the body\'s muscles, skin, bones, blood vessels, dense and hollow organs - the so-called six gateways - and caused 63 illnesses. About Wind said, "treat all diseases", "all diseases" recovered from the place, "closes" her "membership" tail "of the disease can lead to death or" swell "waste heat" ( "thabs Lhan-", Ch. 2). adhere to the "tail" of the disease worsening of chronic diseases and the rapid development of the nervous generic doxycycline without prescription system stress background (wind interference Constitution), which can be fatal. However, it can become a passion for excessive concern for his health. As a result, "care" does not last long, and happy life, and the existence of an imperfect and even premature death. To confirm (or sit) comfortably, relax your hands free to lie along the body. Feel the moment the body is most acute - its weight and all parts of the legs, which now never bothered bustle and just peace; hands relaxed, which carry heavy loads

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