rumbling in the abdomen, stomach felt so strong ( although it may be no pain) it appears difficult to swallow food. In this case, he said that Tibetan medicine to reduce "the heat of the fire" of the stomach - its ability to break down the food for further processing and absorption of nutrients in the intestines and toxins and bacteria that destroy food in body. Through the accumulation of mucus in the "evaporation" esophagus, stomach, breast, lung - excessive mucus in the online sildenafil library about it trachea and esophagus inserted something like a teapot on the foam walls. Mucus overlay, increased mucous a progressive narrowing of the esophagus bends, and the first solid food (bread, meat, fish) and liquid food only goes through it. The tumors are formed (skrany -. Tib). The stomach is closed for the foods and liquids, reduced human strength with each passing day. The ability of the stomach to digest - "the heat of the fire" significantly reduced, and soon death occurs esophagus block.