Irina Pavlovna, 55, appealed to the clinic complaints "Naran" of insomnia, rapid heartbeat, heart pain, nocturnal dyspnea. This is done on the basis of a nervous breakdown and is called Tibetan medicine "in the heart of the wind". In this case, we must first find out the psycho-emotional component. Irina Pavlovna told him that on the verge of a divorce with her husband, with whom she has lived for over 30 years. Vasily Yurevich was always a ampicillin buy no prescription man tyrannical, imperious, and in old age, these aspects of his character aggravated to the extreme. Publicly, he tried to look decent, but what happens at home, only his wife. His despotism turned into tyranny, especially when I started to fade his sexuality. He constantly angry, he offended his wife, hit. In the wind on top of natural constitution Bile disorder, which "blows the heat of bile" ( "Chzhud Chi"), repeatedly reinforcing any anger and resentment.

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