request 1 orange, of children 100 grams meda.Toksichesky syndrome juice - of Ch. Abscess XIV emergency treatment is chest compression, to reduce the ventilation (see. "Sudden death"). Lidocaine, and then introduced into the potassium supplements, adrenaline, in the heart of oxygen treated with calcium gluconate. Physiological jaundice. There to increase the two-thirds and the formation of bilirubin in newborns of immaturity of the reason the hepatic enzyme system. 2-3 daily life, jaundice, staining of the skin and amazing-drugs reviews sometimes the eyes and mucous membranes. Feces and urine, will retain the normal color. Not followed this state is more than 10 days. Then, if a satisfactory state of health, you need treatment. Weight loss, malaise, if passive children are listed, because this condition is characteristic, not physiological jaundice, is referred to your pediatrician. 2-3 days to get the jaundice, are we if not the first day of life, you need to think about hemolytic disease.

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