that some of them, such as promazine derivatives possess hypotensive effect. At present there are a lot of drugs, which do not cause unwanted side effects. Hypersensitivity, pregnancy (I term).Vozrastayuschuyu physically active patients can be considered as the most important factor leading to a gradual improvement in their condition and reduce symptoms of chronic heart failure. Take for example the life of athletes during intensive competizionis - European, World and Olympic Games. sports psychologists distinguished by an alert and calm confidence, others - apathy and a state of "pre-launch fever" (dementia, anxiety, and mood instability, irritability, nervousness, etc...) and in these cases the rational thinking, reasonable influence for itself in the form of self-hypnosis will provide a great service to help influence the process voluntarily. Here is an example of LS Latynina Gymnast memory. Maestro "sacrament" psihoregulir traininguyuschey. We are our strong desire to win. Is sent. Last training. Acquired and verified confidence