Leave for 30 minutes, then drain. Take 1 tbsp. Spoon infusion 3-4 times daily after the walnut kernels edy.200 0.1 g of egg yolk. Viburnum bark and latency point pumping fruits 41 - Yes chzhuy - between the operations of seven cancer barbed collar and I pozvonkov.Esli chest pain, then it must be adjacent to these points a copper plate or metal balls 1-4 days - until the complete disappearance of pain. plates or pellets depends on the spread of pain this nexium article intensity and pain area. Under the influence of pain in a place where you can disappear and appear in another, and then applied to the affected area once or plate beads. If the use of a metal plate over 3-4 days, it is necessary to change, to avoid being used for metal because it reduces the therapeutic effect. For example, if used for the first copper plate once and then three days to be replaced by steel top, and vice versa., Like all aquatic plants, and the family Amaranth deystviem.Rastenie cooling, with green and purple stems with large blocks together, reminiscent of the knee joint, so the Chinese call it, meaning "buffalo in the knee." Velhover EN, FN Romashov, and use Selyukova Quinta copper salts in medical practice: metodrekomendatsii. - M: the friendship between the peoples University. Patrice Lumumba, 1982.Koren, are betel leaves and fruits repellent to the wind, alarm means obscheprofilakticheskim also be used against malaria. Attached to the oil, "Pen Tsao" mentioned, betnovate peasher known as Leo, and notes that it is made of betel leaves. It is highly recommended to reduce the external tumors and infections of the skin and itching as protivorazdrazhitel. It also sought to expand glandy.Semena is a diuretic used in dropsy, kidney, bladder and asthma. In fruit such as property values, and are used for the same diseases. Boiled advised to stock an antidote for poisoning lakom.Dva different names refer to two different types of stevia growth in the same places.

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