The system developed by different units of mutual imozavisimostey (or phases of the pyramid), who was the attorney-gatsya personal success Staff (distributors of the products of this company - "otherwise-mule", but not drugs), that each of them it is directly involved in matters not only to increase the amount of products sold to them personally, but also to recruit new distributors and, so far, oh. Due to lack of necessary data, may not be the answer, comparatively judge the effectiveness of this "normalization of cellular kektra net metabolism." It can be assumed that some, even many people to offer this product spruce will be something useful. It is not necessary to meet the requirements specified in these products bring any direct damage to the health of consumers. There are only the cases in which the benefits, and do not deliver. I believe what is being said - too big to be evaluated, and should meet every pharmaceutical factory and food supplements: in fact the solution, as we know, does not happen.

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