weather) the little things of everyday life, in your relationships with others to think about breathing, can be the master of his voli.Nasyschennymi fats that are rich in animal products -. meat and dairy products, oils and fats. Some types of vegetable oils and margarines produced by substitution of the unsaturated saturated fatty acids. The label is the name of "hydrogenated vegetable oil-ta." These products should be avoided. An excessive amount of fat, especially saturated, the level doxycycline online without prescription of cholesterol in the blood and may increase the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. The body is difficult to recycle these types of fatty acids into energy, and transmit fat. Therefore saturated fat consumed sparingly. Colon cleansing is carried out within two weeks. During this time, you need to make your grain diet as much as possible - the oatmeal, boiled in water or in the presence of kefir (oatmeal and buckwheat), wheat flour bread.

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