once a 1/2 teaspoon a day for 30 minutes before lunch, after the time allotted recommended protsedite.Dlya therapy, including broth aid boiling lotion and ointment, preparation 1 on. Pour the boiling water over the grass. 1 to 2 hours to leave. Cool. Strain. Method of application. An astringent colitis external antiseptic, in order to use an infusion or tincture from the plant Hypericum cracks of the colon and other intestinal diseases, and apply the cleaning of the wound, ulcer nutrition, the svischey.V of medical practice. Colitis effexor libraryrx xr and grass grass lot of San Giovanni associated with the use of an enema decoction with each operating system when. To do this, it is necessary to wash the first bowel enema (1 liter of water at room temperature). And, how to anal injection treatment: 200 to 300 ml infusion mash of herbs of Saint John with a blower, enters the rectum. When injecting the drug in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect, it is necessary to keep the kitchen of the line 10-15 minut.Sposob.

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