Preparing factor is the decline of ovarian function. developed vulvitis primary infection after additional trauma and wounds with poor hygiene, nappy rash, helminthiasis, irrational antibiotics, endocrine disorders (diabetes), chemicals, etc. D. Secondary vulvity they are more likely to occur as a result of infection by delivering the external genital the vagina different diseases (coleitis, candidiasis, trichomoniasis, endometritis, etc. d.). Algomenorrhea a key, without which functional and anatomical defects in the pelvic organs tetracycline this hyperlink and secondary algomenorrhea is broadcast in the presence of pathological processes in the reproductive organs. Primary algomenorrhea starts 1-1.5 years after the onset of menstruation, as a rule, girls asthenia physique with unstable nervous system. Most scientists agree that the primary algomenorrhea comes in high concentrations prostaglandins E and F, as they are stimulants of uterine activity. Due to the potent contractile activity of the myometrium is vasospasm, ischemia develops, causing tissue

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