As purified tar and powder of 1 tablespoon of spoon sulfur from 62.38, half the gypsum powder spoon, take the spoon 1 spoon and the same amount of soap lard. Mix well, please do not wash with the mixture rub twice a day. turkish bath in four days, or five days to go, you go into a very hot bath. This tool is used by scabies. 64.7. - Take the small potatoes for the treatment of warts and cut into 2 halves. It doxycycline medication is not needed cleaning. H1 throws. Then, fill out in order to dry the potato.. buried in a dry, rub the side Rosanna of the rest of the half a wart - warts disappear. The agent, there has been very popular in Central Russia. We are but the warts that do not dig the potatoes do not know whether or not disappear in case, we young people, in many cases, we know that it is a difficult wart garlic juice for treatment.

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