The seeds are probably sell call-in Jen. of root crops, it is considered very useful for digestion, increases appetite and acts as a carminative. The seeds that are fixed in chronic dizenterii.Sleduet that the treatment of diseases of the joints shortly pharmacological effect takes, because you must use all the tools available in the arsenal of experts: ginseng extract - aqueous extract, ginseng prepared in boiling water and subsequent evaporating the broth into a paste on a silver platter testosterone without prescription or porcelain. The extract is stored in a hermetically sealed until use, and then mixed with the other components broth means for providing a cask reinforcing effect. It says that the magical stories about how this extract saved lives bolnyh.Rastet for hedges and vines, green-white flowers, fruits, berries, similar to black nightshade fruit. tuber starch, which is used in medicine. It has a reputation as an anticancer agent, but also the treatment of wounds, insect bites, inflammatory edema.

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