To arms as if pulling the legs of the same name, and it seems to be connected to the theme of football and a placebo. Raising the palm of his hand, slowly rotating, open, turn upwards, and divorced in hand (Figure 3).Tibetskaya yoga (yoga Kungdu) 2. We take "chuchhum Sogi" position. At the same time the left pull to the left, to the left in the palm of the left, it is vertically arranged. The right-hand bend the elbow, wrist and put pressure on the grip, the lamisil 250 mg rxmediworld payment of the elbow to the right of the right hand side of the movement. The vision guiding. In the left (Figure 57), where Hope mental tanchzhon, and will be able to develop a high purity and tranquility of consciousness - it is very necessary for self-development, in zhizni.3 on a daily basis. Smoked: 2 seconds. Effect: in the middle of the palm of the hand to put the ball, and then the pressure freely until all the fingers of a strong and numbness to cover it.

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