The main effect of the mask - blood circulation and stimulate, improve skin nutrition. Of lemon juice, and all types of toxicity mask kozhi.Kristally seriously harm the acid from the body, air, water, food, and you can get it from the outside. Natural diet, overeating, excessive chemical additives, the body is good it will do to begin to accumulate toxins, absorb more food, it leads to the fact that it is impossible to remove. First, they are antibioticon after a walk, a common shoulder strap, then, will be deposited in the arms and spine. Gradually, synovial fluid, crystal common because of reduced mobility show these toxic acids and pain, will not give up. For example, back pain, continues more than 40 years, as most people, and not the result of deposition of these crystals, refined white flour vozrasta.- product: white bread, biscuits, pies, pastries, cakes, pies, pizza, exporter, also a veteran of wheat flour.

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