important as the food. Without food a person or animal can be made longer without sleep. Physiologists have experimentally shown that, for example, the dog lived for about a month without food; if it is deprived of sleep, it will die after 10-12 days. The man, always in exceptional cases, in exceptional cases, can fast for a month or even more; without sleep, he will not survive, and half to two nedel.A now back to the employee I. Production of the meeting ended. There must cheap cymbalta be a psychological transition of the operational state of hibernation. Please note that the physical labor of people to move from one state to another. It should work on the machine, he worked off, there will almost immediately into sleep mode. Hard to such a transfer of a person engaged to perform spiritual work, his ideas will continue for some time to work a certain napravlenii.Kazhdy probably know that when you look at a naked man in cold weather will be very cold his.

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