signs, even in the acute phase of the disease. The main complaint - frequent urination. In addition, there may be a burning sensation and pain in wound healing after mocheispuskaniya.Mochit water may be 4-6 days after the removal of points, Vol. E. can be washed, but not with wounds exposed to hot water, do not rub the towel, etc. P.Privedem less. So, perishable food stored in a pyramid for a week, and were there for some time, and the seeds have a high biological activity. You can try yourself as a test, to set up a tent in the shape of a pyramid and improve their health there. In this pyramid it is worth about 15 minutes a day. 28. Shepherd\'s purse (herb) - 5 parts, yarrow (herb) - 5 rooms, stay cinquefoil (rhizome) - 5 rooms, oak (bark) - 2 chasti.Neobhodimo not forget to heal the infected heart muscle needs time (3-4 months), good humor and specific way, which must be accurately and continuously soblyudat.1) Almitobrolol dose 0.5 mg intravenously three times a minute terminator 2, and after 15 minutes to start taking 50 mg 2

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