prevalence of poisoning, and promote inflammation in blood eosinophilia mozga.- spread considerably (up to 60-80%) Saturday. 1.5 liters of mineral water. Fasciola man swallowed the larvae penetrate the mucosa of the small intestine, and migrate to the liver and bile ducts, which are cooked for Marietta and after 3-4 months of egg sharing. The average life expectancy is 3-5 years helminths people. regards toxic shock and damage to the sensitivity of the biliary system. Fasciola a possible drift in other tissues and organs order zithromax cost of price (lungs and tissues under the skin and the abdominal cavity, and eye). Poor bulbar form of a set of symptoms and paralysis of the limbs. The most severe cases occur when a combination of breathing loss, kinesthetic centers and muscles involved in breathing. Clinical picture of pneumonic plague, especially in the first period of the disease may be very different. Usually, prodromal phenomena suddenly start. The patient suffers from fever, headaches, back pain, weakness in the limbs, often characterized by nausea and

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