Pharmacological Committee approved pharmacies and teas and fresh herbs. Vitamins, chest, abdomen, laxatives, appetite, choleretic, diaphoretic and so d.Prichina are the development of psoriatic arthritis are not fully understood, but suggest that psoriatic arthritis is a disease -patiya multifactorial, a number of the environment (30 to 40%) and genetic involvement (60-70%) factors. 10-25% of psoriasis have a family. Psoriasis in combination with certain histocompatibility system (HLA) antigens established. HLA-B 17 and the most frequently identified family bound HLA-B 13, Read propecia Full Article which occurs when there is no hereditary psoriasis, although the growth rate and other antigens (B-16, IL 35, DR 4.7, Cw -6). Arthritis in a "gene of psoriasis", the observed frequency of the HLA-B-27 and B-39, which has a central arthritis and HLA-B 38, which is the edge. Hard enough HLA arthritis carriers. -B-17 and B-38.2 You will need: 1/2 cup of onion juice, 2 cl garlic juice, 2 tablespoons L. Meda.Primenenie breathing exercises - one of the methods.